Eddie Vedder Has Surf Wipeout In Hawaii Video


Eddie Vedder was filmed surfing waves on a boogie board with his daughter in Hawaii, who pushed him off his board, leading to an embarrassing wipeout. The Pearl Jam frontman certainly wasn’t flyin’ high amongst the waves in this video!

CaptPolarBear posted on the Pearl Jam Reddit about Gigaton becoming a go to pandemic album., “So this has become my pandemic album and has becomes one of my favorite PJ albums. I have found that my favorite song on the album has become ‘Comes then goes’ it is lyrically amazing. I have also found that I am skipping ‘Dance of the clairvoyants’ more often. Has anyone else come to find a fav they didn’t expect on this album.”

Shaken37 commented, “Gigaton was my pandemic album as well. I have noticed that I am skipping the second half of DOTC. It doesn’t need to be heard much more. Still love the first half.”

Key-Asparagus5774 added, “I feel like since the album came out I’m listening to DOTC a lot more often that super blood wolf moon is becoming my actual favorite from the album where whoever said was my favorite since the release.

All in all I give the album like an 8.25/10 only because I really don’t like buckle up and could definitely do without take the long way. Comes and goes is a beautiful song all the way through but it definitely should be an Eddie solo song and not Pearl Jam. I do not even sure the rest of the band is even in the song.”