Billy Corgan Surprising Pearl Jam Rejection Revealed


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan rejected the idea of releasing live bootlegs like Pearl Jam in a new Instagram story Q&A. Below are highlights as transcribed by Alternative Nation. Corgan is currently on a European solo tour as The Smashing Pumpkins have a few weeks off from their summer European tour.

Thoughts on releasing official live show ‘bootlegs’ like Pearl Jam (Nexus of songs/versions).

“Not happening.”

How did you feel about tonight? The talking crowd? You did so well. Thanks for bday concert.

“I was very disappointed in the reception at first. Borderline disrespectful. Got better, and ended being a good show. But if I’m gonna be away from my kids that’s certainly no inducement to keep playing.”

Thoughts on David Gilmour’s Strat selling for $4 million?

“Thank God I didn’t sell my Siamese 2 guitar*!!”

Madonna once said Adore was one of her favorite albums.

“That’s right. Good to see she’s having lots of success with new record.”

Corgan recently wrote on Instagram, “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! To all the Dads out there, we need you and need you now more than ever, to be strong and lead. Our children are the greatest treasure, and we all have the opportunity to protect their dreams and in turn, build a better world than we have now. This is your legacy, and we need you.

Pictured here is AJC in younger days, telling me the way it was gonna go. Somehow he inherited that gene from me.

God bless, and have a blessed day.”