Blink-182 Huge Offer To Tom DeLonge Revealed


Matt Skiba recently broke his silence on rumors of Tom DeLonge returning to Blink-182, and he said there are discussions of DeLonge returning to record. Blablabene wrote, “Lately I’ve seen a lot of people discuss the possible reunion of blink-182. There’ve been teases from both Mark and Tom, as well as from Matt. What really changed my viewpoint on all of this is when somebody asked Matt on instagram that he should make a song with Tom Delonge, he answered; there’s talk.

Doesn’t seem like a lie. Doesn’t seem like a joke. And if there’s talk, something is brewing with blink-182. And why wouldn’t it? After all that has happened, why wouldn’t they decide to make an album together again. During the CQ interview with Mark he talked about the possibility of Tom rejoining the band and he answered in a very interesting way. He said he wouldn’t know how it would work out. Would they decide to go live together in a house somewhere again he wondered. Meanwhile Tom said the usual phrases. I would like to. We just have to find the time for it. Now might be the time for it.

Then later on Tom talked about the meeting. When he went over to Mark’s place and Travis was there. How wonderful it was catching up talking about anything but blink-182. But the question is where did it go from there? Would you like a hint? There’s talk about Matt making a song with Tom on that new album, and Mark is starting a band with the drummer of the Transplants and the singer from Angels and airwaves.

Now if that’s true. We can safely assume that when they decide the time is right, they’ll hit the studio. Mark will take all the time in the world he needs to heal completely from his miraculous victory. But something tells me Mark is eager to completely restore the machine as soon as possible. Tom would obviously have to finish his project Lifeforms plans, but they’re just about finished. I even wonder if the European tour cancellation has anything to do with blink. There’s this movie, but. later 2022, nothing planned.

Travis has been producing the shit out of albums lately. And doing one hell of a job doing it. Which makes me wonder if he isn’t ready to make his own now. Probably. It’s Travis.

Now if this hypothetical reality came true. I would only hope that they’d learn from their past mistakes and do it right this time, together. Ambitiously.

And I hope there’ll be a track on that new album featuring Matt. He deserves it.”