Blink-182 Member Breaks Silence On Divorce


Former Blink-182 singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge discussed his divorce in a new BBC Radio interview.

“This last year, with the pandemic, has been so sad and brutal for so many people across the world, and there are so many who had lost their lives, and one of them I never knew about was a man named John Prine.”

“John Prine is a folk artist that has been around for many, many decades, and it looks like we lost him to Covid, and that’s when I first heard his music, and it ended up becoming something so important to me and special.

“I was coming out of a really tragic divorce, and this guy was singing very simple songs about getting back in the saddle and attacking life the way you did when you were young.

“And so I just started listening to him like crazy over the past year, and realized how big of an artist he was and how much influence he really had on so many other artists, so my rock god for the moment is John Prine.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his remarks.