Blink-182 Reveal If New Angels & Airwaves Song Sucks


Blink-182 singer/bassist Mark Hoppus recently did an Instagram live Q&A, and he reacted to former bandmate Tom DeLonge’s music comeback after 4 years, releasing a new Angels & Airwaves album and returning to the road. Blink-182 released a new song titled “Blame It On My Youth” today, while Angels & Airwaves recently released “Rebel Girl.” cwhagedorn recapped Hoppus’ comments on the Blink-182 reddit:

In response to the question of whether or not blink and AvA will ever tour together: “I don’t know”.

Mark has heard Rebel Girl and thought it was “pretty cool.”

He said he hopes the AvA tour is very successful.

The album has just gone into mixing, so they must have rushed the mixing/mastering of the single in order for it to be ready ahead of time.

The song that blink wrote with the Chainsmokers is NOT a blink song as we thought. Mark said it’s up to them whether or not it sees the light of day because it’s their song.

Lil Wayne does NOT feature on the new blink record in any capacity.

Wayne’s and Blink’s sets on the tour will be completely separate, no combined sets.

Blame it On My Youth is about “growing up punk rock”.

Blink is planning to tour the UK in 2020.

More summer tour dates will be announced soon.

Someone asked if he’d perform “December” with Neck Deep and he jokingly said “If they’re lucky.” (He pretty much agreed to perform it during a Twitter exchange yesterday).