Tool New Album Release Date Finally Confirmed


As Alternative Nation reported yesterday, the Tool new album will miss Maynard James Keenan’s projected mid-May to mid-July release dated he tweeted about in February. The band officially announced at their show at Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama on Tuesday that the new album’s official release date is August 30, 2019.

Click Orlando wrote in a Welcome to Rockville review:

Tool, the headliner of the event, was clearly the most anticipated group. I witnessed grown men giddy and bursting with excitement. I chatted with them before and after the show to try to put their emotions into words. Some, like Alejandro Muriel, came from as far away as Columbia, saying, “I came here to see Tool. It’s been 13 years since their last album release and I wanted to be the first to hear some new music.”

Other fans had a much shorter trip. Local resident Andrew Sprenkel said he was looking forward to Tool’s consistency and sound.

“I am absolutely 100% excited about hearing new Tool music,” fan Jarrod Cady said. “There is nothing better after 13 years. You couldn’t have a better experience than Tool coming on stage and playing a new song for us.”

Tool did not disappoint their fans, playing a 10-song set that included two new songs: Descending and Invincible.

The energy in the crowd when they took the stage was undeniable.