Paul McCartney ‘Gets Wet’ With Ringo Starr In Pool Photo


The Beatles archivists and fan account The Beatles Bible took to Twitter recently to share this stunning piece of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr history. Here, the two, along with fellow bandmates George Harrison and John Lennon can be seen ‘getting wet’ during a nice and refreshing swim for a Life magazine photoshoot circa 1964. Paul McCartney ‘collapses’ in sad photo with wife.

The account tweeted: “The Beatles were photographed in Miami for Life magazine on 14 February 1964, in the swimming pool at the home of a Capitol Records executive. Paul McCartney: “We would go round there in the afternoon and not get bothered. It was great.”

Paul McCartney’s wife ‘gets wet’ swimming in photo. In other news regarding Sir Paul McCartney and the Beatles fans recently took to the music subreddit to discuss if there could ever be a band as big as Paul McCartney and the Beatles today.

ApplesBananasRhinoc wrote: “No, I don’t think so. That was a unique time in history when young people were yearning to break free from their parents in every way and be unique and rebellious in ways that had not been possible. Nowadays that rebellious sentiment is almost a given, but it was this generation that started it. The Beatles arrived at an important time to achieve that and they grew rebellious along with their audience.”

The user also said: “They started out as conforming to the norms of popular music: matching “uniforms”, short conservative hairstyles, clean-cut appearance, short songs about girls, nothing too deep. Then they grew too to become their own unique voices within their group, they no longer wore matching suits, grew out their hair, took drugs which were reflected in their songs, became individuals.”

Paul McCartney’s backside grabbed’ in beach photo. Another Redditor, Horsepickles proclaimed: “Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift. I would even include Madonna who currently has one of the highest-grossing world tours of any artist. I am not saying the quality of music is the same as the Beatles but for universe appeal, there are many artists that can compete.”