Blink-182’s Matt Skiba Reacts To Tom DeLonge Saying He’s ‘Doing My Job For Me’


Blink-182 singer/guitarist Matt Skiba discussed his status in the band, and if he fears Tom DeLonge could return to replace him. Skiba replaced DeLonge just two years ago in 2015. The band released their latest album California last year.

“I mean, anything could happen,” he says when asked about his role in Blink-182. “I’m not gonna jinx it.”

During a recent interview, Tom DeLonge stirred the pot by saying Blink-182 ‘have someone doing my job for me. It’s just that I’m so busy. If I wanted to, I could be back in a period of days.” The comments haven’t unsettled Matt, however. He just shuts them out.

“I really don’t have anything to say about it,” he says. “Tom and I have always been friendly, I guess – friendly acquaintances. I’m concentrating on what my role in life is, and in a smaller sense, what my role in the band is. His role in the band is between him and the guys.”

When asked if he’d spoken with Tom at all, he said no. “Oh no, no.”

Mark Hoppus seemed to cement Skiba’s status in the band.

“He’s great. A great friend, a great bandmate, a great songwriter, and a great singer.”

Matt and Mark are discussing making a children’s album under the Cereal Killers moniker.

“It’s Ramones, a punk-rock kids record.,” explains Matt.