U2 Singer Spotted With Stranger Things Actress


The name ‘Bono’ is known by people from all around the world. Truly, you don’t have to be a U2 fan to know his name either, especially if you’re political. For years, U2 and Bono have had a huge stronghold of the music industry which has engaged many. Surely, Bono and the rest of U2 understand the impact that they have had on the world due to so many knowing who they are no matter where they go.

Maisie Williams (of the Disney+ biopic, Pistol) is somewhat of an exception. The star recently shared a story about the time that she met Bono. The story makes for a very awkward tale, but it’s clear to see what makes it such a great story.

With Maisie at this point in time just seconds away from meeting Bono, she wanted to be a bit different than everyone else who were all about to either stan over Bono or play it just a bit too cool. Maisie came up with the best way to go about her meeting with the star

In a recent interview, Maisie stated: “So, yeah, I went to a U2 concert, and we’re all backstage ready to meet U2 – to meet Bono, you know? So then, Bono arrives, you know, like, Bono-sunglasses Bono. Then everyone’s going to meet him, so he came over, but I didn’t want to do that thing, like ‘Oh, hi, Bono. Maisie, pleasure to meet you.'”

Maisie continued: “Maybe if you’re Bono, that gets really annoying, instead, I just played it really cool, and then I said ‘Oh, hi, I’m Maisie. What’s your name?’ It was really embarrassing, so, yeah.”

Sitting with her co-star to ‘Pistol’, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, he asked: “What did he say?” to which Maisie clarifies: “‘I’m Bono. It’s nice to meet you.’ Then he went on and walked away.”

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