Brad Pitt Gives Christmas Gift To Chris Cornell Widow


Brad Pitt sent Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky a bottle of his Miraval wine. Vicky Cornell wrote, “Thank you BP- Favorite Rose!!!”

Chris Cornell’s covers album No One Sings Like You Anymore was just released, and Vicky Cornell discussed the decision to release the album now in a new Rolling Stone Italy interview, with a roughly translated quote.

Vicky said, “Returning to the previous speech, someone pointed out that the album was released just during the holidays, as if to underline the economic side of the matter. Here, also for this reason we have decided to spread it only on the net right now, to avoid the usual stories.

This Christmas cannot be considered as the previous ones and the fact that the whole world is involved in the same tragedy pushed me to do everything faster in order to be of help to those who loved Chris. It won’t be a record that will improve the situation, but it can be something to hold on to.”

Vicky recently wrote to her daughter Toni on Instagram in response to a photo of her with her brother Christopher and late Dad Chris, “I love you 3 more than anything- your daddy changed my life forever… I’m so blessed I got you babes @tonicornell @cball.cnc with memories to last a lifetime and his love with me and part of me and you forever.”