Brian Johnson Debuts Stunning New Look In AC/DC Photo


While new episodes of AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson’s ‘Life on the Road’ television series aired earlier this year, they were filmed in 2018, and we have yet to see a new photo of the rock icon as rumors have run rampant about an AC/DC reunion tour with Phil Rudd and Cliff Williams returning in recent months. Cliff Williams’ daughter reacted to AC/DC 2020 tour rumors yesterday. A mysterious new photo of Johnson has surfaced from bladesman_ on Instagram with the caption ‘Acey DC’ with the legendary singer holding a racquet. Johnson looks to be in great shape and a bit thinner than the last time fans saw him.

AC/DC fans on have proposed the idea of the band doing residencies in cities and perhaps a Las Vegas residency, like Aerosmith have done this year.

Briany suggested, “The residency route would make sense for the band at their time of life. That said, I have to imagine that the touring aspect is a big part of their identity. On the other hand, I think they have done club residencies in their earlier days, and could maybe talk themselves into making out that it’s a similar thing.”

Bonnie Scotland added, “Haven’t been on the forum for awhile but I like the idea of a Vegas residency.

Imagine the stage show that they could set up if it didn’t have to be packed up every few days on shipped around different parts of the world.

I agree they would have to dig deep into their vaults and keep it fresh with the set list. But I think they could really make it work, and have a great time.” An AC/DC member made a surprising retirement revelation last week.