Rush Singer Reveals Why Neil Peart Forced Retirement


Rush frontman Geddy Lee was asked about his workload being greater than most musicians in a recent interview with Bass Guitar Magazine. The interviewer made note that the Rush singer was not only playing bass but bass pedals, keyboards, and vocals as well. Geddy Lee announced this horrible Rush health scare recently.

Lee told the magazine: That was a distraction. It’s like ‘jack of all trades, master of none’, you know? Neil used to say that it was like running a marathon while doing math equations in your head. After a while, that became too much for him. The body has to be agreeable to the workload.”

The interviewer followed up by asking Geddy if he believes that he’s reached the end of your path when it comes to being an expert on these things, or is there more research to do?

To which the legendary bassist and singer said:I don’t think I’m an expert. I think I’m still learning. This has opened a world of guitar geeks to me. I meet all these new and interesting geeks that love the instrument. We sit around, drink wine and geek out.”

This Rush member was caught smoking this terrible drug. Rush fans discussed their favorite and least Rush albums as well as songs in a recent topic on the group’s subreddit.

Dead_Poets wrote: “If I only count studio albums I’ve owned, Rush through Hold Your Fire, then: Favorite album – Moving Pictures. Least favorite album – Hold Your Fire (in fact I disliked it so much I sold it, making Power Windows my least favorite album that I still own.) Favorite song – Xanadu (or Natural Science, or if we count live albums – By-Tor And The Snow Dog from All The World’s A Stage.) Least favorite song – Anything off Side Two of Power Windows. I haven’t listened to those songs in 30+ years and I don’t miss them at all.”

Iddertag proclaimed: “Favorite Album: AFTK [Tends to alternate between AFTK and Permanent Waves but not set in stone] Favorite Song: Xanadu, right now. Least Favorite Album: I’d have to say Signals. Not because it’s their worst album, but it’s where I think they “jumped the shark’. It always took a real effort to ‘like’ anything after MP, and it felt like forcing myself to like stuff I really didn’t like because I loved the band so much. Least Favorite Song: Roll The Bones or Time Stand Still.” Neil Peart dropped this Rush tour bombshell recently.