Jimmy Page Savagely Disrespected In Bathroom By Fan


Jimmy Page discussed Led Zeppelin being disrespected in a bathroom by police in a new social media post. Jimmy Page brutally disrespected an AC/DC member recently.

Page said, “On this day in 1969, I played Memphis State University with Led Zeppelin⁣. This is it! The band were to play at Memphis – the cradle of blues, rockabilly, and the genius Sam Phillips. This was it, a dream come true for me to visit the mecca of music. We were awarded the key to the city because the concert had sold out in record time and I don’t believe the mayor was aware that it was a rock concert. But hey – someone who sells out that fast deserves the keys to the city!⁣

This wasn’t necessarily the best time to be touring the South: black people were still being lynched in other southern states and the man who shot the two bikers at the end of Easy Rider would get a standing ovation in movie theatres! Long hair, hippy ethics and anything askew of redneck were not welcome in places like Memphis and Nashville at that time.

Just by chance, one of our road crew was taking a call of nature in the restroom when he overheard the police discussing what they had in store for the members of Led Zeppelin later that evening. After the show, we left the State University and drove overnight straight to Miami taking the keys to the city with us!”

Adelemarie19 commented, “Fabulous, exciting story! How things have changed, and you are part of that music history. Thanks for sharing this day Jimmy, xa.” Marenart1995 added, “Yikes 😳 don’t want to know what the police would have done to the band.” Jimmy Page recently made a bold Scarlett Johansson bedroom claim.