Taylor Swift Boyfriend Leaks Jack Antonoff Photo


Swifties rejoice as a whole new look at Taylor Swift has just seemingly risen from the ashes. Yes, that’s right, via Taylor’s boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, a whole new series of rare pictures have just been uploaded to the internet for you to see a whole new side of Taylor herself.

As said by Hello – These pictures are really great because they show a really human side to both Taylor and her boyfriend. Often, we think of such high up people to be out of this world and not like us at all, but actually, as seen in the photos, Taylor looks just like how most of us act at a party that we’re having fun at.

Some fans have joked that the photos are actually so good, that Taylor’s boyfriend must be going after a photography career next. They really are that good and candid.

One of the pictures posted on the 32-year-old’s Instagram account saw Joe and Jack Antonoff, a close friend and producer of Taylor’s, posing side by side with a serious look on their faces; Joe wore black thick-rimmed glasses and someone had photoshopped black glasses on to Jack’s face.

Some even stated that a few of the photos can be used for Taylor’s newest releases, which, may or may not be a good idea considering that most of her music is very based around ex-boyfriends. Stay safe, Joe!

With this, other fans have also claimed that maybe Joe and Taylor should both duet on a song or two. This would be really interesting to see both sides of their story brought to life on a song, after all, they have worked together in the past as he contributed seven songs on her last three records. What do you think?

He also won a Grammy for his work on her 2020 album Folklore, which helps a bit.

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