Britney Spears Is Taking Off Furry Dress In Photos


Britney Spears posts on her Instagram just about once a day, sometimes more. On her Instagram, she’ll usually post her dancing, looking into the camera, or getting dressed. This photo op was a bit different at Britney went into the opposite direction with her motives.

In the photos that Spears had posted, it shows her with a green dress on all while having a white, furry, scarf draped around her neck and flowing down her shoulders. The photos come to us in multiples as we see Spears transition from no scarf, to a scarf, back to no scarf. Check out the photos below.

As reported by Dirt – Spears recently took a loss on a mansion that she hosted up for sale as she originally had paid $12 million for it. The mansion has just sold for $10 million, which is $2 million under the asking price. While this seems like a lot, which it certainly is, it doesn’t seem like the pop star is exactly too bothered by this as she hasn’t spoken up about it.

The mansion is very luxury-centric and features tons of different rooms. It’s ornate and beautiful and rather simplistic when speaking in terms of what you’d imagine that $10-$12 million could buy. There are rooster statues in the kitchen and a room which features a red cinema.

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