Bush Were Set For Original Lineup Reunion?


Gavin Rossdale discussed an original Bush lineup reunion falling apart in the 2000’s in a new Zane Lowe Apple Music interview. Bush has turned into a 2000’s Guns N’ Roses, with Rossdale playing with all replacement members after drummer Robin Goodridge departed in 2019 with no explanation.

Gavin Rossdale on the Evolution of Media and Fragmented Culture…

Since I stopped selling loads of records, my reviews got way better… But it’s a different time now. Even the other day, it was funny because I was talking to this guy from NME and I was just realizing that no-one’s there who was attacking me. So it’s a different time and it’s exciting for that, you know? It’s a bit of a shame that the world’s so fragmented because it used to be kind of quite simple. I remember obviously when you were at MTV, and the combination of great record sales, a great label, and MTV, and everything worked.

Gavin Rossdale on the Evolving Lineup of the Band…

I think I’m really lucky to have been basically in two incarnations of this band, and the first incarnation really was incredible. I was very lucky because specifically Nigel, the guitar player, really elevated the songs that I wrote. He’s an amazing musician. He’d done a lot, 10, 12 years of it. Like most, he just wanted to see his kids grow up. He missed his first kid growing up. So we kept on coming, take a break, come back, and that’s why I did the solo record, because the solo record was meant to be a Bush record and then we didn’t want to come back.

Gavin Rossdale Says It’s “A Terrible Idea” for Singers in Rock Bands To Make Solo Records…

It’s a terrible idea for singers in rock bands to do solo records. Nobody wants that. Nobody wants that. It’s just a dead end, cul-de-sac, dead end. Not even a cul-de-sac, that sounds fancy. It’s a dead end. So I had to come around, get out of that. I just love being in a band, and I’m just lucky enough that the band I have now in the same way with Chris, with Corey, they just elevate what I do.