Howard Stern Reveals Why Roger Waters Is ‘A F*cking Moron’ And Lorde Is ‘Shithead’


Howard Stern ripped Lorde for canceling an upcoming concert in Israel and caving into pressure from Roger Waters and many other musicians.

On his radio show he called the 21-year old singer a “shithead.” According to Consequence of Sound, Stern criticized Lorde for canceling a show in Tel Aviv while still performing in Russia, a country he says is “planting all kinds of problems around the world, all kinds of terrorism.”

“She has no problem with Russia,” he continued. “The only place in the world where she can’t play is Israel. So what do you think’s going on? What’s the one thing about Israel that’s different than all other places. There’s Jews there…I hope Lorde has a good time in Russia.”

Stern also called Waters “a fucking moron.”

Stern interviewed Waters in 2012 before their falling out over Israel. “Israel has a tiny little country and it bugs the shit out of Roger Waters,” said Stern a couple of years ago. “Where do you want the Jews to go, Roger? Where do you want them to go? You want them to just go back to the concentration camp? What is it you want, fuckhead.”

The mere mention of Stern’s name caused Waters to laugh in a 2015 Rolling Stone interview, and he was only willing to say a few brief words. “I wouldn’t waste a single one of my precious breaths on that asshole, and I just did. That was a waste of breath. Let’s move on.”