Alter Bridge Reveal Why Creed Are More Popular


Alter Bridge are one of the most popular hard rock bands. They are a bit pale compared to the post-grunge powerhouse, Creed, where all members except singer Myles Kennedy performed beforehand. A multi-platinum act that dominated the mid-to-late ’90s, Creed have a Diamond-certified record with 1999’s “Human Clay”, are in the top 10 list of bestselling artists of the 2000s, and played to sold-out stadiums constantly.

In comparison, Alter Bridge’s success might be a bit more modest, but this is something that the band members have grown to be at peace with.

Myles Kennedy outlined the reason for not tasting success as Creed. In a new interview with, frontman Myles Kennedy speculated on why the group never reached the same heights as Creed:

“It could have something to do with my approach to singing: it’s higher and, when we started, it was more in vogue [in American rock] to be a baritone. And it’s because there was already a certain legacy established before us…”

Mark Tremonti reveals lack of support from Creed fanbase

Guitarist Mark Tremonti added that at the beginning of the band’s career, the lack of support from the Creed fanbase was somewhat surprising:

“We hoped that we would at least bring along a bunch of fans that we already had once we started making new music. But it’s hard to get those new fans if the gatekeepers aren’t pushing it like they were in the past.”

“I think, at that point, Creed were so big and so polarising that people were afraid of [Alter Bridge]. In the States, we did not get the love and support that we were used to.”

Alter Bridge became their very own phenomenon throughout the last 2 decades but Creed’s ghost was omnipresent during the band’s early days. After direct comparisons were issued following the band’s 2004 debut “One Day Remains”, Tremonti and Kennedy wanted to finally break out from the guitarist’s former band’s shadow, which resulted in the epic track “Blackbird” off the album with the same name from 2007.

Tremonti recalled his mindset during that period, saying:

“On ‘One Day Remains’, the ‘This is Creed part two’ crap drove us all nuts. We already had a vocalist that sounds completely different to Scott [Stapp, Creed singer], but with ‘Blackbird’ and Myles also on guitar, we really got to turn the ship in the direction it’s heading in now.”

Alter Bridge’s new album “Pawns & Kings” is due for release tomorrow, October 14