Chad Smith ‘Furious’ Red Hot Chili Peppers Firing Photo Leaks


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith looked hilariously furious in a photo at his first live performance since Josh Klinghoffer was fired and replaced by John Frusciante. Klinghoffer is set to tour with Pearl Jam.

Billy Idol wrote, “@chadsmithofficial @thisiswatt ‘& all I said was have a great gig !?!’ 😉 -BFI.”

Precision2578 posted, “Do people not realize how demeaning it would be for Josh back up John? I see people everywhere saying ‘oh they should have just moved Josh back to rhythm’ and I feel like that’s a really insensitive idea. I’m well aware of the Stadium Arcadium tour situation, but that was long before and not applicable to the current band climate. I just feel like it would be really humiliating for Josh.”

Ptsowns responded, “I find it funny how often it gets mentioned too. As if Josh isn’t his own person with his own interests and choices to make. Like I’m sure if that was a viable option they’d do it. But clearly they don’t want too. It’s not like Josh playing back up is some secret idea only this sub thought of ya know? Clearly the band, John and Josh don’t want that.”

JustALittleNightcap said, “It might not be great from the perspective of RHCP being a single guitarist band, but rhythm isn’t backup to lead. Do you think Stone Gossard is demeaned by Mike McCready?”

Precision2578 wrote, “I see what you’re saying but it’s not like Stone was the lead for 10 years then he’s suddenly relegated to the back.”

Zoze13 chimed in, “Who said one back up the other? Why can’t it be a 5 piece band. When Josh recorded on his albums there like three guitar tracks lol. For those, he instructs John which tracks to play. For Johns albums he instructs Josh. For new ones they collaborate or take turns or whatever works for them.

I agree with you it shouldn’t be a one way straight. I never envisioned it that way. Obviously I can’t speak for the band and their dynamic. Just kind of debating and hoping cause it could be awesome.” Chad Smith just revealed a Red Hot Chili Peppers firing secret.