Chad Taylor Apologizes To Live Singer After Firing


Chad Taylor posted a lengthy Medium blog on his firing from Live, and Ed Kowalczyk carrying on with new touring members alone with the band name. The blog extensively addresses how Live business partner William T. Hynes’ arrest for horrible alleged sexual crimes led to Live falling apart. He also apologized to former singer Chris Shinn after his Rolling Stone piece.

“I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have hurt or harmed throughout this lengthy ordeal. I’m damaged, mentally and financially, but trying my best to recover and count the blessings of my family and the friends who supported me when others turned away. Since some social posts lead to flawed assumptions, I’ve received many threatening messages, with fans wanting to express their hatred or dislike — particularly of my silence. I’m hopeful you now understand why I waited so long. Regardless, I’m a human, filled with flaws, cracks, and many sins. My only approach is to ask for forgiveness and work daily to improve myself. When Ed said he didn’t have the spirit to pick up his guitar and play music, I recognized I felt precisely the same. I’m unsure how to quantify the damage other than to say it has impacted every aspect of my life. Please support Zak, Chris, Robin, and Ed, there has been enough pain, and it needs, at minimum, a musical ending.

I’d like to also acknowledge Chris Shinn, who is clearly still hurt from our years together. I love you, Chris, and I feel ashamed of my inability to navigate our trusted friendship and difficult times better. I can’t wait to listen to your new album and think fondly of the many great memories we created. I’m sorry I hurt you. And I agree. It was an embarrassment. Please tell your family, I miss them too! We share a great fondness for Lucia, and I’m hopeful all three of us can gather to break bread and make amends sometime in the future. You made me proud as a member of LIVE, and I will work to return your music to its rightful place in the band’s history. Given all this drama, I honestly forgot how to listen to music, let alone the material we had created.”

He later discussed Live bandmates Chad Gracey, “Of course, I cherish Chad Gracey too. And I also recognize the pain we caused each other throughout our life together. The highs and lows weren’t easy, but we did our best. I’m positive I gave you my very finest effort, even when it disappointed you or didn’t meet your standards. You will always be my brother, and you will always be loved. This can’t fade. There is always a place for you.”

He also praised bassist Patrick Dahlheimer, “Patrick, you have been an absolute rockstar. We formed this band sitting next to each other in middle school chemistry class. You were the coolest kid, and you still are. You deserve better from everyone! I’d die for you, my friend. I’ll never forget how your support of me throughout this entire ordeal! Your loyalty has put you and your family through so much. You, more than any other, have shined like a star!

I want the best for all my bandmates, old and new. I truly hope they find what they’re after.”