Chester Bennington’s Relative Rips Mike Shinoda For Linkin Park ‘Karaoke Show’


Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s brother-in-law John Knehr, the husband of Chester’s sister Tobi, slammed Mike Shinoda in a series of new tweets. Tobi recently slammed Shinoda on Twitter for being ‘insincere’ and saying he was never ‘best friends’ with Chester, and later posted on Instagram that after her posts, which she stands by ‘100%’, her Twitter account was hacked. Chester’s ex-wife Samantha and mother Susan voiced their support for Tobi after her remarks. Mike Shinoda has yet to respond.

Now John Knehr has ripped Shinoda for playing Linkin Park songs at his solo shows in a ‘karaoke’ style with fans singing Chester’s parts, claiming he is ‘profiting’ off his brother-in-law’s death. Knehr said he thinks Linkin Park should find a new singer and reform, and a new singer who can ‘do justice’ to Chester’s work instead of Shinoda’s ‘karaoke show.’

Tob’s account wasn’t hacked… We don’t know who took it down! I’m sure she’ll put up another Twitter account in a few days. She’s struggling with this BS Mike Vs Chester and she finally had enough being in a band myself there’s always disagreements often it…

Makes the music better sometimes it breaks a band up. In this case the clash between the two was something that grew over time. I don’t know why but we saw it first hand over many years. But it doesn’t take away from there music!! That’s band business not Twitter bait! NGJ

This is the problem with social media. You hear everything! As it grows and your name grows you no longer get to not hear everything because it’s everywhere! My wife was tired of hearing and seeing things we know aren’t true and upsetting to her..

So she let it out. Was it right?!? I don’t know we believe in keeping personal matters personal, when your in the public eye I guess that’s hard!! Add history and it’s tougher still! Personality differences don’t change the accomplishments! Disrespect though is hard! NGJ

Finish each other’s thoughts know what the other was going to say almost like you hear about twins. I guess she feels like her brothers memory is being taken advantage of. Her loss is far greater and she can’t get away from it. It follows her everywhere!! NGJ

I completely understand Ruthie!! I also respect your opinion and feelings!! She has stayed quite for years but again losing a band or losing a Brother as painful as both can be a Brother is far worse then add a famous Brother and Social Media on you all the time. NGJ

He might not have expected it at this moment but there have been plenty of things said thru the years with everyone around. This is not a surprise. It’s sad no doubt but not a surprise. Again it doesn’t take away from the music or accomplishments!! NGJ

Tobi is fine upset absolutely!! But fine nevertheless, we don’t know who or why her account was taken down. Chester did an awesome job of keeping Tob and his Mom out of the public eye now we see why!! It can be very viscous and I don’t know if she’ll come back on line again! NGJ

Now your getting warm on one of the main themes that hurts my wife. Mike having the crowd sing Chester’s parts! So wrong !!! Hire a new lead singer and go out as LP 2.0! That we all support. But he’s profiting on fans Grief!!! That’s wrong and sad!! NGJ

Sorry you feel that way and sorry you took it that way!! No one ever attached the music,?Their achievements what a kick ass live band they were. But you don’thave to get along to do all that. Apparently you don’t know your music history! It happens all the time! NGJ

We don’t expect the guys from LP to not move on. We support them in the future if they do chose to get another lead singer that can do justice to the old songs and make the new ones his or her own! Better than a one man band using the crowd to sing parts he can’t! NGJ

We want and love hearing fans singing along with the music! That what every artist dreams of! But put the band back together get a lead singer that can do them justice and make the new one him or her own! Not this karaoke show! If that’s not support I don’t know what is! NGJ

Thank You for the kind thoughts!! They say the truth will set you free but the truth also hurts. That was not my Wife’s intention! 18 years finally broke her. I’m glad her account is currently down because of the hate some have spewed! Sad! NGJ