Chester Bennington’s Widow & Son Have Emotional Reaction To Carpool Karaoke


Chester Bennington’s widow Talinda and 11-year old son Tyler recently watched Linkin Park’s Carpool Karaoke episode, and they had an emotional reaction. Talinda tweeted:

Linkin Park’s Carpool Karaoke was released last week. It was filmed on July 14th, just six days before Chester Bennington died by suicide. 13:17 into the video Chester sings Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Under the Bridge.”

He also discussed his children, “For me I just want my kids to find something that they’re passionate about. One of my kids loves sports. Great, my daughters they love music and want to learn how to play instruments. Lily is really curious, ‘Daddy, how do you write songs? Where does the music come from?’ I just want them to find whatever it is.”

Watch below.