Ozzy Osbourne Wife Used ‘Mouth’ On Television Host


Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife Sharon Osbourne was ‘mouthy’ according to Simon Cowell, but so is he, and he considers their feud over. Ozzy Osbourne’s coffin was revealed in a sad photo yesterday.

Cowell told the Daily Mirror, “I phoned her up the other day and said, ‘Look, I’ll be honest with you. How could I criticize you for being mouthy when it’s the reason I hired you in the first place?!’

“Sharon gets a bit carried away but deep down she’s got real affection for the shows,” he added. “There will be other versions of these shows, I am sure, and she is always welcome back.”

He said he sees her as a loyal friend, “If ever she had an issue, I’d be on a plane in five seconds. She’d do the same for me, I know that about her. Ozzy Osbourne broke his silence after a death rumor a few days ago.

“There’s absolutely no bad blood at all and like I said, when people think I’m annoyed with her, I’m not!”

Sharon said her and Cowell are on good terms again Monday, despite her being axed from The X-Factor.

“Well, we were never, for me, not, not friends. Because for me, it was business, not personal,” Osbourne, 66, said on Monday’s episode of The Talk on CBS. “And there’s a huge line.”

Osbourne also stated, “That’s what happens when you work with people that you like. You fall out business-wise, but for me, I say what I feel at the time, and for me, it’s over. And because I said certain things about, and to, Simon, doesn’t mean I hate him forever, just for that second I don’t like him… I never use the word hate when I talk about people. He’s okay, it’s just, I don’t want to work with him.” Ozzy Osbourne ‘heartbreaking’ news was revealed by his sister a few days ago.