Chino Moreno Attacks Deftones Bandmate After Firing


There is apparently a big shake-up in the Deftones lineup. Sergio Vega, bassist of the group is reported no longer involved with the band. This development comes from Change (in the House of Pods) Robert Nelson’s IG Story where Chino himself reportedly commented: “BTW Vega didn’t quit. That fool was outta pocket. He gone FH”

Deftones fans recently felt ‘ripped off’ for this reason. Vega started to play with Deftones in 2009 where he would replace Chi Cheng after Cheng was involved in a car accident. This event would lead to his eventual death on April 13th, 2013. Vega can be heard on several albums for the groups including Diamond Eyes, Koi No Yokan, Gore and Ohms,

In addition to Deftones, Vega has also embarked on a solo career. The bassist would release ‘The Ray Martin Sessions’ in the year 2000. However, instead of the heavier, hardcore, and metal sound that fans have come to be familiar with the artist, this side of Vega would sound far more like the British invasion pop-rock of the Beatles than anything else. That particular EP would be well received by music critics upon its release.

Over on the official Deftones subreddit, fans gave their thoughts on this purported news. One user named ATF1 proclaimed: “If it’s true, I find it pretty sad that they had a falling out. Sergio wrote a ton of material since KNY with Chino. they had a very prolific working relationship. I know a lot of you all don’t like Gore, but the lick for Radiant City was all Sergio and that s*** is prob the best deftones riff of the past ten years.”

While another Reddit user named Aeonysphere said: “This pretty much tells it all. Wow, I’m actually shocked by this. I wonder what they’re going to do moving forward. I’m not exactly worried, because I can actually imagine them working as a four-piece group and still being successful + creating impactful music. It’s all just odd.

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