Paul Stanley Reacts To ‘Empty’ Arena At KISS Show


Iconic Kiss frontman Paul Stanley recently took to social media via Twitter of himself in full Kiss garb over in Morioka, Japan prior to one of the group’s surefire performances. Although the arena was empty at the time you can surely feel the energy for what was about to come. You can view the photo below. Paul Stanley ‘ugly’ new photos offend KISS fans.

Paul Stanley ‘lonely’ KISS meet & greet photo revealed. In other Paul Stanley and Kiss news, fans recently took to social media to respond to the impact and legacy of one of Kiss’ most classic albums – Love Gun.

One fan noted: “This album represents the last of Kiss in their purest studio form (Alive II’s small number of studio tracks notwithstanding). Die hard fans of Kiss will appreciate that all four members sing on the album, while the songs are well written and pack the usual Kiss punch. From here and Alive II, Kiss began to change; Dynasty and Unmasked experimented with a different sound, while Peter Criss was mostly absent from the albums as well due to substance abuse problems. After his departure came the abomination is known as Music from the Elder, which is to be avoided, and the subsequent departure of Ace Frehley. Although Creatures of the Night would redeem Kiss, this is the last album for fans of the old lineup and sound until Psycho Circus some 20 years later, which also proved not as great an album as it should have. Love Gun is a send-off of sorts, then. Enjoy it for the classic it is, and if you feel like probing deeper into Kiss lore, the solo albums, later albums and the entire “unmasked” catalog await you!” Paul Stanley mocked for ‘laughable’ KISS performance.