Chris Cornell Brother Reveals Emotional Cancer Photo


Late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell‘s brother Peter Cornell has revealed that he has undergone surgery for skin cancer in an emotional Facebook post earlier this year. Billy Corgan recently broke his silence on Chris Cornell widow backlash.

“Here I am. I’m back with you. A new decade has dawned and it seemed a fitting time to step out of the shadows and wrap myself in the fold.

My last 2.5 years were marked by unimaginable tragedy and inexplicable good fortune and my family and I continue to be surrounded by love. I’ve ended my hiatus from my socials so that you and I may again share our worlds.

The pic I’ve posted is symbolic as well as being my version of a PSA. Symbolic to remind me that no matter how wounded I am, I can certainly heal. PSA? Wear your sunscreen. Skin cancer is no joke!

I’m stoked, energized and excited to be here with you on these pages again. Much more to come!!!! PC.”

One fan named Elle commented, “Omg, Peter! You have no idea how happy I am that you’re connecting with us again! I know I don’t know you personally, but feel I do through your love for Chris and how giving you were to mourn with us. You got this Peter! Prayers for your healing. We are here for you like family!”

Another fan named Christine chimed in, “Glad to see you’re back. Was this a basal cell (Mohs surgery?) Or melanoma? I’m hoping you are ok. I’ve had several basal cells removed and my brother is a metatastic melanoma survivor. I hope you will be ok. Prayer to you for this and the grief of losing your sweet brother.”

Barbara concluded, “Wow…that’s a rough spot near the eye. I hope you heal quickly. It’s never easy to hear the C word. It’s been 5 1/2 years no evidence of disease from my rare and aggressive type of thyroid cancer. You got this, Peter! We are all stoked you’re back too!” Eddie Vedder and his wife were recently spotted with Chris Cornell’s ex-wife.