David Gilmour ‘Disgusting’ Remark To Woman Revealed


Run like hell or else you might very well become a victim of Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour’s razor-tongued wit. Gilmour recently took to social media via Twitter to respond to lyricist and author Polly Samson after she asked where Leonard Cohen’s raincoat might be. Samson wrote: “So, yes, any ideas where Leonard Cohen’s raincoat might be? (I realise this is like still hoping to find a Galaxy Caramel in a box of Celebrations on 30 Dec, but thought it’d be fun to try…)” Pink Floyd call out David Gilmour for terrible singing.

Pink Floyd announce horrible The Beatles family death. To which the Pink Floyd legend wrote: “While we’re at it could we find my pink velvet trousers from Hung on You which were nicked from the laundromat on the Old Brompton Road?!”

In other news regarding Pink Floyd and David Gilmour recently took to social media to dicuss one of the band’s most under-looked albums – ‘Atom Heart Mother’. One fan put: “There’s a cow on the cover. There are more cows on the inside. Heck, there’s even a cow on the CD itself. So, Imagine – – John and Yoko pose naked (front and rear) on the cover of their first album (front and rear) in 1968, and then in 1970 pose self-consciously together, clothed, in bucolic and inverted splendor in the grass on each other’s solo debuts. Pink Floyd doesn’t do that, but they do put naked cows (rear and front) on the cover (front and rear) of Arom Heart Mother the same year. And, with a Naturalistic flourish, one of them (the cows) is looking at you and un-self-consciously drooling.”

David Gilmour ‘attacking’ Roger Waters revealed by Pink Floyd. The fan continued: “No mooing in the music, though there may be some drooling going on in ‘Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast’. Somewhere during the 24-minute title track (Ron Geesin is once again co-conspirator), the wind performers must have had to clear their instruments (presumably during the part in the middle with the Mellotron), and that’s close enough. ‘Summer 68’ gets the nod as best track, and it’s a good one- – Richard Wright, always second fiddle to the Gilmour and Waters (or Waters and Gilmour) hegemony, hardly ever got the respect or credit due him for Floyd’s greatness. Waters and Gilmour (or Gilmour and Waters) also get a track apiece and they (the songs) are just fine, thanks.”