Howard Stern Makes Sad Chris Cornell & Trent Reznor Claim


Howard Stern discussed Chris Cornell and Soundgarden being snubbed from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame while Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor are being inducted on his show. The Smashing Pumpkins reacted to Soundgarden’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame snub a few days ago. recapped: Robin said Nine Inch Nails too. Howard said they’re good. He said he’ll tune in for that. He said Trent Reznor is the whole Nine Inch Nails. He said he has a band but it’s Trent Reznor. Robin said the Notorious B.I.G. is also inducted. Howard said that’s not his thing. Robin said T. Rex is in. Howard said they two hit songs. He sang a little bit of each one.

Robin said Whitney Houston is also in. Howard said she was more of a pop star. He said they go in all of those areas. Robin said Pat Benetar. Howard said she should be in. He said she had a string of hits. Robin said Soundgarden was passed up. Howard said that’s stupid.

Howard said he has Sour Gary on the phone to talk about the Doobie Brothers. He took his call and Sour did his Gary impression for a few seconds and then he broke into Imus. Howard said he doesn’t understand the hall of fame and how they make those decisions.

Howard took a call from a guy who said he has a beef with some things they said yesterday about the Astros cheating. Howard said he doesn’t really care. The caller said that the coach has to make the call on pitches. Howard cut him off and said he has a headache.

Robin read a story about Pampers saying you will no longer have to check to see if your child’s diaper is dirty. She said they have an app for that. Howard said Wendy’s family will be happy about that. Robin read about the sensor that goes on the outside of the diaper to tell the family when it needs changing. Robin said they say it’s good for 3 months or 1000 changes.

Robin said it’s not cheap though because it’s $350 per tag. Howard said Richard wants to try it out on the air. Richard said he’ll try both if he wants. Howard said he’ll shit in his diaper and see if it works. Richard said he’ll save his poop for a couple of days so it’s a good one. Howard asked if Robin will try it to see if she gets excited. Robin said it doesn’t check for that. Howard said someone should come up with that. Howard did a live commercial read after that. Eddie Vedder’s wife recently reacted to a Chris Cornell widow insult.