Chris Cornell Daughter Covers “Hunger Strike”


Late Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni Cornell covered the Temple of the Dog classic “Hunger Strike” as part of the ‘Music Lives’ COVID-19 benefit show. Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder sang the song as a duet in its original version.

Toni wrote on social media, “Sitting in my dad’s home studio during this crazy time makes me miss him even more. Music is the greatest healer and the most powerful way to bring people together especially during tragedy.

If my dad were here, I know he would have been the first to donate his time and effort. Thank you for including me, I am honored to be part of this and to help spread love through music.

On behalf of the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation we are donating $50,000 to @MusiCares for its Covid relief efforts. This is for you daddy and all your fans who have helped lift us up and who continue to keep the music alive. I love you daddy.”

A fan named Jasonm628 commented, “Toni, I had tears in my eyes from beginning to end, this song has meant so much to me for most of my life, as most of your dads songs but this one especially, it’s literally in every playlist on my phone. Your version is absolutely beautiful and god how proud your dad is right now listening to this. Amazing job, and thank you for that. R.I.P Chris.”