Dave Grohl Reveals Painful George Harrison Secret


Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl revealed how The Beatles icon George Harrison’s death is what created his friendship with Paul McCartney in a new High Life magazine interview. Paul McCartney recently called out Ringo Starr ‘disrespect’ in The Beatles.

High Life wrote, “Not only has having been in Nirvana allowed Grohl 24 years of Foos fun, it’s brought him endless opportunities, whether forming a super-group with members of Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age, producing a TV show and film, appearing in films with the Muppets and Tenacious D, or performing with Paul McCartney.

According to Grohl, he and Macca first met at a Royal Albert Hall concert in 2002 to honour George Harrison a year after his death: ‘Paul McCartney is how I learnt to play music. To meet him was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Then we started going out to dinner. We jammed a bunch. It’s not something I want to sound casual about, because it never is.

You never forget that he is Paul McCartney… he planted the seed that became my musical life.’ Grohl actually has remarkably English tastes in rock: he regularly goes for a curry with Queen when he’s in London and reckons his songwriting DNA is even more indebted to British rock. He’s also made an unlikely new BFF in Liam Gallagher. “After we headlined Glastonbury, Liam was singing Bob Marley in my face. All night.”

JimmytheNice posted on Reddit about a rare Foo Fighters song, “I wish A320 would appear on one of the new B-side/live releases. That’s such a f***ing underrated song and it’s not included in any of the albums – I know there’s probably issue with licensing as it’s technically part of the Godzilla’s OST, but still wishing.”

TheJosh96 commented, “Since the soundtrack is part of the movie I guess never lol. The Foos might have to buy the rights of the song or movie to publish the song under their label.”

He added, “Unfortunately it probably will never happen because the Foos don’t even own the song.

What I mean by that is that the song was composed exclusively for the Godzilla movie, so the song belongs to the label that published the soundtrack, not the Foo Fighters or Dave.” Rage Against The Machine recently unloaded on Dave Grohl disrespect.