Kurt Cobain ‘Disrespected’ Foo Fighters Before Death


Kurt Cobain disrespected lyrics written by Dave Grohl for what would become a Foo Fighters song before his death when he considered recording it as a Nirvana song. Grohl told the story on The Bill Simmons Podcast, and Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Howard Stern was recently caught disrespecting Kurt Cobain.

“I recorded something that I was really proud of, I recorded this song in a studio in my basement, and I played it for Kurt, and he was really excited about it. He liked the riff and the melody, but he didn’t really like the lyric. He didn’t want to ask if he could change the lyric, because he didn’t want to offend me or something. Of course I would have said, ‘F*** take it. Do your thing, great.’ But we never did.

So I would just do these things and listen to them by myself, and go, ‘That’s cool.’ Then I would try again. It’s like I was woodshedding, trying to figure out how to do it. Then when the band was over, I didn’t want to f***ing play music at all.

I didn’t want to listen to music, I was like f*** music, this is a drag. Then I realized, wait a minute, that’s the one thing that actually heals me and makes me feel good. I should f***ing go make some music. I had these 20 songs that nobody ever heard.”

After Kurt Cobain’s death in April 1994, Dave Grohl formed Foo Fighters near the end of 1994 after recording their debut album by himself. Dave Grohl leaving Foo Fighters was confirmed by a big name recently.