AC/DC Member Leaks ‘Last Show’ With Angus Young


Former AC/DC singer Dave Evans has posted a ‘last picture show’ photo with Angus Young on his social media. Angus Young’s ‘private struggles’ were recently revealed.

He wrote, “Rockin’ out front of AC/DC at the Last Picture Show venue in Cronulla, Sydney, Australia.”

Cannon posted, “I understand Monday will mark 40 years since the final show Bon had with the band. Is there any known footage of the show that may exist? Was anyone here in attendance?”

Treehorn commented, “Was that Southampton Mayflower? I think Robert Ellis was there, he’s a sometime member here, or was at any rate.”

Grim177 chimed in, “As I recall, Robert Ellis said he was the only photographer there.

No audio (or video) has ever surfaced. I’d imagine that if it any did exist, it would of surfaced by now.”

Venom Injector wrote, “I love those tourbus pics. Great shots. Also, it’s weird to think they still did a whole tour together in such a ‘small’ tourbus in ’79/’80. Gives you the idea of how the band still didn’t reach the real commercial breakthrough they will achieve with BIB shortly afterwards.

It always saddens me that Bon really only had a small taste of the success that he contributed to build for the band during all those years of hard work. After an incredible album like HTH and a exhausting tour to support it, it’s really sad that he couldn’t fulfill his dreams of stardom like the other guys did only a few months later with BIB.”

Bedlam_in_Toronto concluded, “I wouldn’t be too sad: he toured the world, heard his songs on radio, played sizeable venues (at a certain point, what difference does it make playing a a hall full of rabid fans vs. an arena?) and he’s had more dirty women than most men ever had.

I mean it. I bet, despite his demons, he enjoyed being a rock star to the fullest of the experience. And I’m also not saying that it actually is a complete and utterly fulfilling experience; just addressing your point of was he able to taste ‘success.’ I don’t see Bon as needing a ton of money to feel fulfilled or that he accomplished his ‘mission’ in music.” AC/DC’s first 2020 tour dates with Brian Johnson just leaked.