Chris Cornell Ex-Wife Gives First Interview


Chris Cornell’s ex-wife and Alice In Chains/former Soundgarden manager Susan Silver gave her first in-depth interview since Chris’ death with their daughter Lily on The Mental Health Coalition Instagram.

“1-2-1 with Lily Cornell Silver & Susan Silver

Every 1 needs to talk 2 some 1.

Watch @lilycornellsilver go 1-2-1 with her mother, Susan Silver, about the generational differences in approach to and acceptance of mental health and how Susan helped Lily to build her own mental health toolbox starting from a young age. They are joined by Dr. @marc.brackett of @ruler_approach who elaborates on the importance of preventions vs. interventions, the validity of distraction as a coping technique, and more. #121series #everydayinmay #mentalhealthcoalition #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #simplecheckin.”

Feralpawz commented, “Amazing. Mama’s speaking voice is so beautiful. Everytime she speaks at an event my ears fall in love. Super important message. Thank you beautiful ladies.”

Rebelgaia said, “I loved to watch this conversation. I struggle with anxiety and what helped me the most was also my mother listening to me, and she still does.”

pearljamtoni wrote, “👏 what you’re doing with this series is brilliant, important, timely and so real, thank you for sharing with everyone. Beautiful interview. 🙏🤘🔥.”

yvonnelatmd chimed in, “You and your mother are so wise. I truly appreciate how open you both have been regarding struggles with mental health. Thank you.”