Chris Cornell Jr. Hugs Mom While Playing His Dad In Emotional Photos


New photos have been released from the set of the music video for Chris Cornell’s “When Bad Does Good”. The captions confirm that Christopher Nicolas Cornell, who stars in the video, is indeed playing a young version of his father. Chris Jr. is seen hugging his mother Vicky in an on set photo.

The new music video for Chris Cornell’s “When Bad Does Good” starring the late Soundgarden singer’s son who shares his name was released on Friday.

Kevin Kerslake directed the video, one of the most legendary music video directors of the 90’s Grunge era. Kerslake directed videos by Soundgarden, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Smashing Pumpkins.

Christopher Cornell plays a paperboy – an occupation his father held in his youth – who bikes around Seattle, where the Soundgarden singer’s legacy is on display. The young Cornell also visits Sub Pop Records and other landmarks associated with his father’s music.

“For me this video represents my dad and all the art he created throughout his life and what his music meant then and what it means now, not just to me and my family but the city of Seattle and all of his fans,” Christopher Cornell said in a statement via Rolling Stone.

Kerslake added, “I wanted to highlight an aspect of Chris’ talents often overshadowed by his more obvious virtues (e.g., his monstrous guitar chops, operatic vocal range or commanding physical presence), which is his place as one of this generation’s greatest lyricists….but do it within a specific context that turned a simple, straightforward journey through the streets of Seattle into a eulogy, of sorts, with mystical undertones.”

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