Rush Singer Reveals Surprising Neil Peart Paycheck


Rush singer Geddy Lee was told how he and Neil Peart helped a fan win thousands on Jeopardy at a recent book signing.

Jennifer Morrow tweeted, “Four years ago, I won Jeopardy! with the good luck of Neil Peart’s sticks and a $2112 Daily Double wager. Tonight, I got to meet Geddy Lee and say thanks in person, and was delighted when I opened my copy of his new book and saw this inside. Forever the greatest, @rushtheband!”

A Rush member just confirmed a New York ‘comeback.’ Rush fans on recently discussed Geddy Lee using vocal effects. LeChuck asked, “(In the continuing search for answers to my lingering Rush questions ..)

This seems like the kind of question that would be answered somewhere already, but every time I search I come up with nothing. What is the effect Geddy has on his voice during the middle section of Jacob’s Ladder?

Presumably there is a tape echo since the “s” in “beams” at the end repeats off into infinity. But what is the rest of the effect? My only guess is that he’s running his vocals through the Minimoog so it has the same filtering as the Minimoog lead part (for some reason listening to the ESL version especially makes me think this).

Anyone else have ideas or already know what this is?”

JARG responded, “Listening to the studio cut just now and the vocals aren’t all that effected. Lots of reverb and maybe just a bit of flange. The ESL version is a different story.”

LeChuck shot back, “For sure the effect isn’t as heavy on the studio version. I’m guessing it’s the same thing since they tended to reproduce those kinds of things pretty accurately live.

It doesn’t sound like a vocoder to me (and I love vocoders). Here’s an interesting quote about those from the great Keyboard magazine 1984 interview:

“I used a vocoder once, but I didn’t have good success with it. I couldn’t get it to work very well.“

Does Terry Brown actually reply to emails from fans? I didn’t even consider pinging him about something like this – I’ll send a mail to him today. I wanted to ask Geddy at a book signing, but there’s barely enough time to chat (especially when you’re star struck and at a loss for words).” Geddy Lee was savagely disrespected by Rush fan at restaurant recently.