Chris Cornell’s Life Insurance Policy Revealed, Did It Have Suicide Exclusion?


Chris Cornell’s lawyer Kirk Pasich discussed the late Soundgarden singer’s life insurance policy in a recent Law Dragon interview. Pasich mentioned that the suicide exclusion in the policy was only for three years and not active at the time of his May 2017 death. This ends speculation that there was any battle over insurance money, and shows that the Cornell family’s investigation into how Ativan may have contributed to Chris Cornell’s death is about searching for answers.

“One of our partners in New York, Jeff Schulman, is very close with Chris and his family as well, and has known Chris over the years, and so we’re coordinating for the family. It gave rise to some questions. And some wondered why in the world is some insurance recovery guy representing Chris Cornell? Is this to get to his life insurance policy for his family? Some speculated that there’s a suicide exclusion in his life insurance policies, so maybe this is just all kind of a game to get the coverage, but it wasn’t. Chris did have life insurance. It did have a suicide exclusion, but that exclusion was for something like three years after policy inception and these policies had been around for a long, long time.

It had nothing to do with that. It had to do with being tasked with figuring out, and sharing, what really happened in that Detroit hotel room that night.

That’s what the family asked us to do and there was a lot of speculation out there in the media, on social media, things that were just wrong. It was important to protect the privacy of his wife and his three children. I ended up being the primary spokesperson. I wasn’t the only spokesperson, but I ended up doing a lot of the talking. To this day, I think a lot of people still wonder how is it that somebody who specializes in insurance ended up working and speaking on behalf of the family, and one of rock’s icons. But, I’ve been involved in music and working with artists for several decades now. It’s the relationship and that experience that counted here.”

  • Nicola

    This is no way indicates that her blaming Ativan is not the basis for a lawsuit. Seems odd that the family’s lawyer is discussing personnal business like this, but I guess he is VK mouthpiece. I am sure the policy(cies) were substantial and as such had a lot more fine print than just a 3 year wait to cover suicide.

  • makingconnections

    It’s long past time for this conversation to end.

    Chris Cornell asked for “No More Bullshit” and it seems that even death can’t protect him from it.

    • Vicky

      Agreed!!! My gosh, will this ever end? It’s hard to believe that in 3 months, it will be a year. Even harder to understand why same discussions, points, comments, accusations are being made after all these months. I understand being determined and that everyone has their own opinion but none of this has, nor do I think it will, change a thing. Ever!! I, as much as anyone am still saddened that Chris is gone but I finally had to make myself accept it and stop trying to figure all this mess out. It could become maddening, which I believe some people have come to that.

  • Diana

    This has turned into a long and embarrassing saga. Chris would be rolling in his grave…that is if he had a proper one.

    • Leslie

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  • John

    Time to let this go…. let the man Rest In Peace for fooks sake

  • Kay B

    This is F ed up.

  • Olga Stewart

    I sure wouldn’t want this lawyer representing me.

    By the time he was done with an interview, everyone would know what my favourite breakfast was.

    In fact, the lawyer may want to keep this in mind: ‘Discretion is the better part of valour.’

    • makingconnections

      I don’t know what the lawyer has to do with anything…except that he adds to the madness that has been this period since Chris Cornell left this place. I hope he is many dimensions away by now and has no idea of what his legacy has been reduced to.

  • suz

    since the lawyer is so helping the widow out w/her image problem and releasing personal information that should be the business of no one, i’d love to know the date the last time mr. cornell modified it.

    i’ve worked w/lawyers most of my life — this is not something they do. they don’t mouthpiece this material. trial lawyers go to the mic to defend their client — a very different thing.

  • Carrie Walker

    Ok, now its time to get to the real questions. When will this woman stop running? It makes me very angry this is going on and the truth will never be known. R. I.P. Chris

    • Hawk_i71

      I agree

  • getoffmylawn

    I just hope Lily was included in his will.

    • Olga Stewart

      I think when she turns eighteen she gets part ownership of the music.

      Susan also has an interest where this is concerned.

      So if Vicky wants to do something with the music, she will have to go to Lily to get permission.

      I think that’s how I read this.

      If not, then I apologize for not explaining this correctly.

      • getoffmylawn

        Well, that is a relief to know! Thanks for the information. 😊

        • Olga Stewart

          You’re welcome. :).

  • Jay Valente

    Pills didn’t kill him. That last phone call to his wife did.

    • Michele French

      Why do you say that?

      • Jay Valente

        Ripped up plane ticket home? Reports of his wife “angry as hell?”

        • Kay B

          I agree with you but I thought the plane ticket ripped up was the one going to Detroit.

        • Olga Stewart

          Apparently, there were also reports of Chris screaming at Vicky (while he was both in the hotel room and talking to her on the phone).

  • Jay Valente

    Makes you wonder what was really said that final phone call, eh?

  • Cege

    My guess is that the insurance company has rights of subrogation to go after anyone else i.e. .potential defendants, who may have contributed to his death…. like a pharmaceutical company……..

    It’s similar to an arson case where the insurance company pays the innocent property owner the damages, but then has the right (the right of subrogation) to go after whoever committed the arson, and collect back what they paid out to the policyholder.

    • Cege

      …or the insurance carrier could pursue subrogation repayment from the Podesta group….for example…

  • Stone Gossardish

    Almost all Life Policies have suicide exclusions and “interested parties were the cause of death” exclusions.

    On a lighter note, remember ole Bushwhick Bill’s failed attempt to die so he could provide a death benefit pay out. He didn’t die but it cost him an eye, of course. Geto Boys member, for those who are lost.

  • Jesusswept

    Did it have a suicide exclusion? Sure sounds like Vicky called the lawyer to check while Chris’s body was still warm.

    and this quote from the lawyer “We tried to tell the story as it was, and to make sure to convey that for the family and for people that knew Chris and for the members of the band that committing suicide was just not Chris Cornell.”
    =We lied.