Chris Cornell Necklace Is Being Sold For Expensive Price


An official Chris Cornell Signature Silver Necklace is being sold on his web store for $174.95. It resembles his classic dog tag necklace that he frequently wore.

“This sterling silver necklace is an original creation handcrafted by Pennyroyal Jewelry exclusively for Chris Cornell. Limited to 200, each piece includes a sterling silver pendant stamped with Chris Cornell’s signature on a sterling silver chain, and comes packaged in a custom ultrasuede drawstring pouch and Cornell Signature gift box.

Due to handcrafting process, necklaces may not ship until after the holidays.”

Chris Cornell Jr. wore his Dad’s dog tag necklace in the new “When Bad Does Good” music video. Vicky Cornell liked a fan named themoodystwo’s Instagram comment about Cornell Jr. wearing the necklace, “I have always been curious about his necklace, I myself love jewelry. Could you share a little bit of it’s history with all of us. I know I’m not the only one who would love to know about it. Where it came from, and was it his favorite and would you ever consider making replicas of it to sell. Thanks for all you do Vicki.”

You can view photos of the necklace being sold, and Chris Cornell Jr. wearing his father’s necklace below.