Chris Cornell Rock Hall of Fame Surprise Revealed


Heart’s Ann Wilson discussed Chris Cornell in a new Mistress Carrie Podcast interview.

What did it mean to you to get inducted into the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of fame by Chris Cornell?

“That was just so extremely cool. He’s among the cool dudes of the Seattle scene and the Seattle explosion, and one of the best singers on the planet ever, kind of like a male version of Ann Wilson.

“But he was always kind of aloof, I thought, when we would be hanging out, he was always kind of withdrawn, and I thought maybe he was kind of…

“I don’t know, a cool cat and just kind of not engaging – or maybe his nose was in the air a little bit.

“And when he wrote that beautiful introduction – induction speech – before he even did that, we did have an interview with him, and he was such a fan.

“He was admitting that he was such a fan of us that he could barely talk to us around Seattle, and so it made me love him even more because he was nervous about saying hi, and then he was inducting us with that incredible induction speech that was just gorgeously-crafted speech.

“I’ve seen it again a couple of times since, and it really brings tears to my eyes, especially after he departed us, which was really unnecessary and terrible.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed her comments.