Chris Cornell’s Widow Reacts To Suicide Note About ‘Murderer’


You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 if you’re dealing with suicidal thoughts, or attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting if you are struggling with addiction.

A fan named Masha has tweeted tweeted Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky a suicide note her father left for her in April 2015.

She told Vicky: “My father is dead. He hanged himself in 2015. He was taking Ativan for anxiety. His suicide note blames the drug for his ultimate demise. In the tweets to follow, I will post his note.” Below is the note:

I would like to report a murder. There is a murder being planned.

The name of the murderer; I know the name. Pretended to be a friend. I took him in. But I was betrayed.

“I love living”, I told him. But he put me in the back seat of my own life. He took control. Slowly he took over altogether and put me in the trunk of my life. And then, when I could do nothing to prevent my own demise, he did it.

His name is Ativan (also Lorazepam) and he is dangerous. Careful with him. He is a sneak. The important thing to remember is that this was a murder. I had zero choice in this decision. All I could do was delay it.

There is never a convenient time (to die), but I needed to exercise some control over Mr. Ativan. He is very arrogant and a smooth talker. His arguments are quite persuasive. “No sense in suffering, etc. etc.” he says. But I struggled.

I have no illusions about this. I want desperately to remain and watch the events of the world unfold and enjoy the years ahead. That’s what I want. But you don’t alway get what you want. That’s life.

Vicky responded, “I’m so, so sorry for your tragic loss and pain.”