Chris Cornell’s Widow Reacts To Suicide Note About ‘Murderer’


You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 if you’re dealing with suicidal thoughts, or attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting if you are struggling with addiction.

A fan named Masha has tweeted tweeted Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky a suicide note her father left for her in April 2015.

She told Vicky: “My father is dead. He hanged himself in 2015. He was taking Ativan for anxiety. His suicide note blames the drug for his ultimate demise. In the tweets to follow, I will post his note.” Below is the note:

I would like to report a murder. There is a murder being planned.

The name of the murderer; I know the name. Pretended to be a friend. I took him in. But I was betrayed.

“I love living”, I told him. But he put me in the back seat of my own life. He took control. Slowly he took over altogether and put me in the trunk of my life. And then, when I could do nothing to prevent my own demise, he did it.

His name is Ativan (also Lorazepam) and he is dangerous. Careful with him. He is a sneak. The important thing to remember is that this was a murder. I had zero choice in this decision. All I could do was delay it.

There is never a convenient time (to die), but I needed to exercise some control over Mr. Ativan. He is very arrogant and a smooth talker. His arguments are quite persuasive. “No sense in suffering, etc. etc.” he says. But I struggled.

I have no illusions about this. I want desperately to remain and watch the events of the world unfold and enjoy the years ahead. That’s what I want. But you don’t alway get what you want. That’s life.

Vicky responded, “I’m so, so sorry for your tragic loss and pain.”

  • Olga Stewart

    This particular tweet sounds rather fishy to me.

    Perhaps I’m wrong.

    But to me, it doesn’t sound authentic

    But if I am wrong, then I apologize

    • Nancy

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  • makingconnections

    I’m sorry if that is truly the experience of a person…such a loss is tragic; however I find it very difficult to believe that Ativan would have that sort of power. It’s used by many, many people. It brings you down a notch or two but doesn’t change you….it’s unusual if it does. I would think the patient would be deeply troubled and Ativan would help them but perhaps be unable to help in extreme circumstances.

    I consider it to be irresponsible of Vicki Cornell to be making such an effort to make Ativan a demon drug. It’s sometimes the only drug troubled people can be helped by and it is awful to think that some may be afraid of taking it, when it could help to get them through a breakdown or some therapy. I question whether Vicki thinks things through when she posts some of what she does. She wants to be right on this subject, but it’s about more than that.

    • Camilla R Sorum

      Obviously you know nothing about Mental Health & Addiction. Why don’t you go educate yourself on the matter before speaking about something you know nothing about! Makes you sound ignorant!

      • Connie Kley

        I agree wholeheartedly!

      • makingconnections

        Wow, your first comment on Alternative Nation!! You must have really wanted to question my intelligence to join the club. I hope you enjoy discussing music too!

        • Camilla R Sorum

          Yes it’s my first comment 🙋 Thanks for noticing. And Yes I do enjoy discussing Music too! 🤘

          • makingconnections

            I have just blocked you. We have many interesting discussions on this site, but rarely do we personally insult each other. It’s nice to know I won’t hear from you again.

          • Camilla R Sorum

            I wasn’t insulting you but ok.

      • Diane Neame

        I Know! I’m suffer from mental heath problems and along with my antidepressants, I was prescribed At Ivan, I remember thexactly 1st time I took it and the joy I felt at being normal and yes, like a lot of other legal drugs, you have addiction. I have an addictive personality, but if I wasn’t given the Ativan, I wouldn’t of had a life, I felt normal and if you are educated yourself and have suffered from severe anxiety, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. I think makingconnections su med it up really well

        • Camilla R Sorum

          I do understand what you’re talking about. I myself have suffered with severe anxiety since I was a kid. I’m dealing with addiction & mental health stuff and that is why I responded the way I did. I wasn’t trying to insult anyone and i apologize to makingconnections for making it seem that way. That wasn’t my intention.

    • Diane Neame

      I couldn’t of put this better myself, if it wasn’t for my ativan, I wouldn’t of had any life, it helped me live, through the bad anxiety I had on a daily basis

      • makingconnections

        I don’t know a lot about the drugs available, but I do have a friend who works in this field and is very knowledgeable…that’s his job actually, to diagnose and prescribe for mentally ill people. He has told me that sometimes Ativan is the only drug he can offer because there are certain conditions that can’t tolerate anti-depressants. It is worrisome when the families of those who suffer start diagnosing and deciding what’s best for their loved ones. It’s even more concerning when someone, who for some strange reason feels they have a public voice that should be listened to, starts giving advice and judging. You have to have something to bring to the table in my opinion. I’d listen to an average person who had suffered from depression and anxiety before I would someone who felt they had definite knowledge because of their marriage to a celebrity….a little humility is needed!

  • akemi

    sounds totally fake AND mental. these folks are definitely not playing with a full deck. rip Chris Cornell

    • MyEuphoria


      • Amy

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  • Maryam

    This is a second article with another tweet about Ativan from a “fan” trying to say that Ativan was making them suicidal!! This is unbelievable!!! Vicky needs to stop already with this Ativan thing. In my opinion these tweets from supposed fans seem fake! Where were these fans months ago when Vicky was blaming Ativan for Chris’s death!!! I see through this bs and hopefully more people see it too!

    • María

      And if ativan was the guilty one of the suicide of Chris, why she has not presented a demand to the company that manufactures it ?. We know that your family is a litigation specialis.

  • Kay B

    This has already been discussed. Old news.

    • makingconnections

      …new people still come out of the woodwork to support Vicki though. Being right really matters to her.

      • Jay Valente

        She obviously can’t accept what was said on that final phone call

        • makingconnections

          I agree that it’s probably as simple as that….I thought that the whole issue was settling down and the fans seemed to be moving on, then this whole “Benzo Delirium” started up again. It’s a false narrative and many feel that they have to fight against it….I wonder if she’ll ever stop pleading her case on the internet?

        • Eva_NS

          Yeah, whatever was said most likely pushed him over the edge. It’s got to suck for her to live with that, but it seems she and her mother have been concocting different “murderers” to console themselves. Chris was a tortured soul, and we all knew that. Let his memory rest. :’(

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  • Donna Gosdantian

    Brett, this is the very reason I’ve avoided your site for months. This is pure unadulterated bull shit. Of course, every situation is different. If true, this girl’s situation is tragic. Brett, this reckless, and dangerous fallacy that your perpetrating, that Ativan/lorazepam is some kind of “suicide” inducing catalyst/ poison, borders on criminality. In fact, it’s an act of gross negligence. This anxiety medicine taking under a Doctor’s supervision, and in the proper doses, is literally saving lifes. I’m sickened that you have the nerve to post a toll free suicide #, at the sametime you’re helping to shame, and terrify the very folks who are benefitting the most from this medication. Most people are NOT suffering from anxiety, alone. We’re battling a cluster fuck of excruciating, and unbearable symptoms. And there are various diagnoses, as well. Until, you’ve grown a 1/2 of a brain, a heart, and just a smidge of integrity, I’d suggest you lay off this particular topic. If you can’t do that, at least do some basic research. I’m not going to my breath waiting for that to happen.There’s no doubt, that you’re addicted the click$. I was just happy to ignore you, and your endless postings of the Widder Cornell, and her Mother’s every hiccup, and belch. Yet, this time you’ve really crossed the line.

  • Jay Valente

    Chris wasn’t on Ativan since 1989, listen to his lyrics and music. Sheesh.

    • Diane Neame

      Wrong, he was on ativan as he suffered from anxiety, he had taken Ativan that night, it was also found in his system. Any particular song with lyrics that you would like us To listen to? From a young age up until 2002, which is when he went into rehab, he was addicted to Alcohol and prescription drugs. In his youth, he experimented with illegal drugs. I just watched an interview with Chris and Ben and they are wasted. Chris was very shy in his younger years and booze and drugs, at the right level, would of helped him initially, but by 2002, it was time for rehab, but he only spent 2 months there. Chris wanted out, it had nothing to do with the very small amount of drugs that were in his system.

  • Diane Neame

    Check out this fans account, there’s no tweets on it, how strange