Rage Against The Machine Break Silence On Audioslave


Today felt like a good day for some Audioslave, as any day does, really. Were Rage Against The Machine feeling this today as well?

Kind of is the answer to that one. You see, when there’s a huge band, they’ll have tons of fan accounts that spawn from them. Some even believe that the fan accounts are the actual accounts of the band or bands in question. However, this isn’t the case.

The account for Rage Against The Machine paid homage today to Chris Cornell and the rest of Audioslave today as they posted a photo of the band and hinted at them feeling that today was a good day to listen to Audioslave.

The post racked up the likes and retweets as well as it seemed that fans of Rage Against The Machine also agreed that it was a good day to listen to Audioslave. Of course, most are well aware that Audioslave was made up mostly of Rage Against The Machine members sans Zack De La Rocha in replacement of Chris Cornell.

The original singer for Audioslave was supposed to be Layne Staley, but sadly, Staley did not make it to see the formation happen. We were lucky however to see Chris Cornell cast a giant shadow on rock history with his powerful vocals on all of the Audioslave tracks.

Fan account or not, it’s truly wild how deeply the love for Audioslave goes even though they were around for a very short period of time all considered. Their music lives on as they were arguably one of the best supergroups to ever have existed during this musical timeline that we are currently in.