Dave Mustaine Reveals If He Could Replace Dimebag In Pantera Reunion


Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine was asked about possibly replacing Dimebag Darrell in a Pantera reunion in a recent Twitter Q&A with fans. Mustaine suggest Grim Reaper’s Nick Bowcott instead of himself.

“Im the wrong guy for that. Check out Nick Bowcott from Grim Reaper. He is a Dimebag clone. Excellent guitarist!!!!”

He also revealed that Megadeth won’t do another full tour until 2019, and that he doesn’t want a Metallica issue featuring himself because ‘I ain’t giving my songwriting credit to Lars for songs I wrote in Panic.’ He went at it with a troll hater as well, suggesting he get off Twitter.

Mustaine discussed the Big 4 in a series of new tweets, and threw some shade at Metallica.

He said more shows with original Big 4 won’t happen.

“It won’t happen. @megadeth are ready but @slayer are on their last orbit and @metallica won’t do it. Big Two anyone? ?”

“Watch the Big4 DVD where Kirk says it’s the Big 1. That saddened a lot of people. I was one of them.”

He also suggested a new Big 4 due to Metallica’s lack of interest in more shows and Slayer’s impending retirement.

“Maybe you were sleeping when everyone else on the planet heard that @slayer is retiring, and @metallica doesn’t want to do it.”

“Megadeth, Anthrax, Exodus, Testament! The new Big 4. ?”

He later wrote, “Ask them. All kidding aside, all I know is when @slayer finally retires, the real Big 4 is over.”