The Rolling Stones Wife Calls Out Mick Jagger Disrespect


The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife Jo Wood recently told Fox News that she felt ‘uncomfortable’ photographing Mick Jagger.

Fox News asked, “How did the band feel about you photographing everything while on the road?

Wood responded, “They didn’t notice! They didn’t even care. I would just yell, “Hey, look over here!” and snap. Or, ‘Come on Ronnie, do this,’ and snap. Keith [Richards] was always the easiest to photograph. He never minded whenever I took a photo of him. I was always a little uncomfortable taking pictures of Mick [Jagger] because we just didn’t hang out with him as much as we did with Keith. Keith, [his wife] Patti [Hansen], Ronnie and I were like a little gang.”

A Mick Jagger affair that led to a child was recently detailed. Ronnie Wood recently released new artwork. He wrote, “If you missed out on visiting Ronnie’s pop-up shop you are in luck! Some of his stunning prints are now available for the very first time from his webstore, treat the Ronnie lover in your life to one of these beautiful lithographs this Christmas.”

RBK responded on, “New artwork from Ronnie Wood would make a helluva cover for a new Rolling Stones album. (Hint. Hint). They’d catch holy hell from the rage harpies for trivializing Picasso’s ‘Guernic'” but after a fifty-six year career rooted in misogyny, cultural appropriation and trashing the political correctness of any given era, I’m guessing they could pull it off.”

WorriedAboutYou commented, “As usual for Wood, this latest piece highlights his horrifically poor taste both aesthetically and philosophically. To base a portrait of the Rolling Stones on the Guernica is both incredibly crass and also artistically clueless. But one would expect nothing else from Wood. Awful.”

Mick Jagger just revealed if The Rolling Stones are retiring. Palace Revolution 2000 chimed in, “I think Ronnie still needs to find his angle, or niche as a painter. IMO he will probably never find something satisfying because it goes to the root of his strength and weakness. He has always been about style, and execution. But original creation is not his department.You see it in early interviews, in his guitar parts and playing, in his solo albums. Even his clothes.

He is the greatest lieutenant, the best second banana in rock’n roll. That is why he is so popular, and invaluable. The original premise though, should always be left to the leaders.

He obviously has a fair sense of color, distribution. Fairly adept at using a paint brush, or a pencil. But even at that to be honest, he is not all that good. He has a problem with content. Even when drawing the obvious subjects: the Stones; he often used well known photos as a base. Then we saw the head scratching ideas of Arab horses on an acoustic solo album. I will take Charlie’s scribbles of beds any day over his stuff. Maybe abstracts…” You can read the full Jo Wood interview at Fox News.