Chris Cornell’s Widow Reacts To Hater Wanting Her To Stop Using Husband’s Twitter


A fan recently tweeted in response to a Chris Cornell Twitter account post: “For a dead guy you tweet a lot.”

Cornell’s widow Vicky responded, “This site belongs to my husband for his extraordinary musical legacy – I ask that you be respectful how you speak. You can easily unfollow.”

Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky wished her mother and Chris’ mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis a happy birthday on Twitter, and she shared very personal and previously unseen photos of Karayiannis with her family, including Chris. Vicky wrote, “Happy B-Day to my beautiful mom. So blessed, so grateful TO you and FOR you. Thank you for your unconditional love!”

Karayiannis, who goes back the ‘Yia Yia’ nickname as well, was very active on Twitter and Instagram following Cornell’s death. She posted tributes, communicated with fans, and criticized Eddie Vedder, Peter Cornell, and others. Karayiannis has been silent on Instagram since early October.

One of her last posts detailed the investigation into Chris Cornell’s death. Vicky Cornell recently traveled to Detroit to acquire evidence from the medical examiner’s office.

“I hear you! Forgive me for losing my trust in people these days! I’m going to make sure you get all the answers you deserve from someone who can do much better in writing! For now I can tell you that while we look into the matter of that horrible night, we are being advised to wait and not speak until it all comes together!

It makes sense! I for one agree with you only because you need to know that lots of things are happening behind the scenes, and yes we owe you at least that much! To keep you informed we are on it 24/7 and we are looking for answers, and we’re looking for answers as some, those with ‘bad’ intentions as I call them, or trolls, do say something I completely agree [with]! We all do!

It was in and out of investigation and then they gave it a name! We have great reasons to believe otherwise and his wife [will] fight for it! Our silence doesn’t help you and I do apologize for that! The fans should know that a lot is being done but nothing until all of this comes together! And I say lots of things, you see now, why I’m afraid to talk! Others take it I say addiction, you say why I mention abuse! Others say depression!”