Chris Cornell’s Widow Reveals How She’s Helping Addicts: ‘It’s A Matter Of Life And Death’


September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month. If you are dealing with mental health issues, you can call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, or enter their live chat. You can also join Talinda Bennington on Twitter with her #FuckDepression movement.

Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky said $30,000 has been raised in honor of Chris Cornell to fight addiction. She tweeted, “Addiction is a matter of life and death. Over 30k raised in honor of Chris Cornell #LiveUnaddicted.” Below Vicky’s tweet is a new tribute post from Chris Cornell’s official website, with a fan writing about how Chris and Vicky are ‘soulmates.’

A new tribute written by a fan named Cara has been posted on Chris Cornell’s official website.

A Higher Truth, Indeed

In October 2015, my husband and I were blessed to not only attend two of Chris’s “Higher Truth” concerts (one in Toronto and one in Buffalo) but we also had the opportunity to meet with him backstage (Buffalo). He was kind, supportive, generous with his time and words, and encouraging towards a writing project I was working on.

Chris’s talent and charisma were unsurpassed. In-between the audience cheers, you could hear a pin drop when he began to sing, filling the room with his hauntingly beautiful voice, set to the strumming of his guitar of choice.

During his performance in Toronto, he arrived onstage a few moments late, citing the following: His wife, Vicky was flying somewhere, and she was concerned with the turbulence. Chris was watching her flight on an app on his phone, and didn’t want to start the show until he knew her flight had landed, safe and sound.

At that moment, I turned to my husband and whispered, “Soul mates. What a guy — and what a lady.”

Love never dies.


– Cara