Stone Temple Pilots Member Opens Up About ‘Immense Sadness’ Over Scott Weiland’s Death


Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo opened up about Scott Weiland in a new Billboard interview. Weiland died from a drug overdose in December 2015.

“Well, y’know, when I met Scott he was a very different person. He was definitely an alpha and he had that air about him that he was a lion. He really was, in every way in life — almost to the point of being hyper about creating and getting things done. It wasn’t only the voice; I knew he could sing and he was a real singer, but the energy he brought along with that… And he learned it as he went along. But as a basic, fundamental energy that he had, it was something that he always had from when I met him.”

DeLeo was then asked if there is a remaining sadness about what ultimately happened to Weiland, both within STP and afterward with his tragic death.

DeLeo said, “Absolutely — an immense sense of sadness for many reasons. Ultimately what saddens me is he’s not here to enjoy the reissue of our first record we made together. I mean, that’s really sad to me, that he’s not here to share in this.”

Stone Temple Pilots are reissuing Core for its 25th anniversary later this month.