Mick Jagger Humiliates The Rolling Stones Bassist


Mick Jagger recently talked about Rolling Stones’ 60th anniversary and revealed there are no plans to bring back the former members of the band for guest appearances like they did a decade ago.

Mick Jagger is not inviting Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman

The band had celebrated the 50th-year milestone with the temporary returns of the bassists, Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman at select shows, the singer all but ruled out similar activities during their Europe and U.K. dates this year. “I’m not going to push it that hard,” Jagger told Rolling Stone in a recent interview, adding that he’s approaching the new anniversary with “a light touch.”

He was asked about guest appearances, he replied: “We’re not going to go there, I don’t think. The tour’s called Sixty, but apart from that, we’re not going to do too much. I think that’s enough.”

Instead, he said, he was planning to come up with a set list that would please the band as well as the audience. “You always got to do some things for yourself,” he noted. “That’s one of the things I’m working on.”

He said the process of choosing songs remained a challenge. “It should be easy, but it’s not as easy as all that to get ones that everyone likes and goes for. It’s the common denominator of getting 50,000 people to want to hear a song that they want. You want to be adventurous – and you can be adventurous for a minute – but you can’t be adventurous for too long, because they get bored.”