Corey Taylor Falls Onstage In Sad Slipknot Video


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor attempted to do a flip onstage at a recent show, but it turned into a bizarre tumble when he then fell slightly onto the ground before getting back up.

Slipknot debuted a new look at the Pain In The Grass festival in Auburn, Washington a couple of days ago, wearing white jumpsuits with adjusted masks, replacing the black jumpsuit look. You can view a video of Taylor’s fall, and a video of the new look, below.

Juliane Kehr wrote in Visions magazine about the new Slipknot album We Are Not Your Kind, “Slipknot can’t be beaten down and celebrate this circumstance with a combative sixth album. You don’t know exactly what to think of the opener Insert Coin, with its washed-out guitars and the noises of interference, Corey Taylor’s voice can hardly be grasped through the mist of sound.

Imperceptibly he finally changes into Unsainted, which quickly turns out to be a breaker, soaked with Slipknot DNA, and leaves a feeling of recognition behind. Personally, some band members, among them singer Taylor, have gone through a hard time. We Are Not Your Kind is a declaration of war on their own demons, and it comes to life with well-known melodies as well as new elements.”