Corey Taylor Makes Heartbreaking Metallica Claim


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has revealed that he sadly had to walk a total of 12 miles roundtrip to buy the Metallica EP Garage Days Revisited.

He told BBC, “First album I bought with my own money was the $5.98 EP on tape. I walked to the Crossroads Mall just outside of Evansdale Iowa.

“I walked 6 miles to buy it. I didn’t even crack the plastic until I got to my house. I stared at it for 6 miles going, ‘what’s it going to sound like?’, ‘what’s it going to sound like?’.

“I got to my house, put it in my beat up ghetto blaster and listened to it none stop for six months. I memorised that tape.”

Late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton’s father Ray Burton recently discussed his late son with Mark Agnesi for Gibson.

“Cliff knew what he wanted to do and went out and did it,” says Ray Burton. “How could you not support a child who has that initiative already in their system and wanting to learn an occupation like that? The way he pursued music and the enthusiasm he showed toward the playing, we thought, ‘well, let’s see what happens.’ Then when he came and said, ‘Can you support me for five years?’ not long after that, it was absolute history.”

Burton also gave advice for fellow fathers and musicians, “It’s a love affair with my child because he wasn’t just a good musician, he was an exceptionable human being. There’s so much great music out there, and it’s to be enjoyed. …Support them. Look at your kids as a treasure that you treat with love. Encourage them as much as you can and help them. Encourage them without being demanding. Allow them to be themselves and be kind to them.”