Red Hot Chili Peppers Make Bold Eddie Vedder Wife Remark


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea revealed that he would like to have Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder sing a bold song to his wife in a new Forbes interview. Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers recently performed together at the Ohana Festival and Silverlake Conservatory of Music benefit show. A Red Hot Chili Peppers member discussed a horrible breakup yesterday.

Steve Baltin asked, “I just saw Eddie Vedder at Ohana. He can sing anything. Is there one song you’d like him to sing for you and your wife?”

Flea answered, “(Laughs) One of my favorite love songs in the world is “Into My Arms,” by Nick Cave. He is my favorite. But I don’t know, everything Eddie sings he really reverberates. But the thing that makes him great is it’s straight from the f**king heart.”

Eddie Vedder’s rumored movie with an A-list star was revealed last week. Flea recently published his book Acid for the Children, and MomReaderShopperNJ posted a touching review on Amazon, “A chaotic and tender journey of vulnerability, this book is beautifully real, honest, and self-depreciating at times. Reading this is akin to seeing Flea on stage – frenetic energy, alive with originality and the pulse of his creativity. He is unabashedly and introspectively himself in this memoir.

There were moments I had to step back from reading, to stop, absorb, and sit with some of his philosophical insights, and other times I was reeling from the crazy antics he takes the reader along on. This is a tale of survival and creativity and needing and wanting and yearning and living and taking and giving.

I wish I could hug that lost little boy who so needed it way back when. A great book for fans of RHCP of course, but also for lovers of all music, rock and roll, the arts scene, punk rock, and especially for outsiders and those who love them, as well as anyone driven by a creative spirit.”

You can read the full Flea interview at Forbes.