Green Day Singer Drinks With Guns N’ Roses In Photo


Iconic Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong can be seen mixing it up with recording artist sensation Post Malone as well as sharing a friendly beverage with known Guns N’ Roses member Melissa Reese. Reese joined the group back in 2016 as the band’s second keyboardist replacing Chris Pitman, while also performing key duties for Guns N’ Roses such as synthesizer, sub-bass, background vocals and programming for all electronic sounds during Guns N’ Roses’ live performances. This Green Day singer was spotted with rock icon widow.

Reese had this to say regarding the photos: “My music worlds collide! You slayed tonight, Post Malone, thanks. Yes. So glad Angie Warner is the G.O.A.T. [Greatest of All Time] and you both got our asses out to peep. Green Posty Guns is what’s up in these pics. I’ll see you in Los Angeles, California very soon, family. Much much love and congraulations on the current slay. Also where is Brian Lee Asian?”

In other news regarding Green Day, fans of the group tried to point out the rare negativities of the band’s acclaimed fifth studio album, Nimrod.  A Green Day member was caught wearing a horrible wig in a new photo.

Godsfavoriteband: “If I HAD to say something bad, it would be that ‘Last Ride In’ kinda breaks the flow of the album. But that’s all. Nimrod is amazing and I will defend it till the day I die.”

Professional_Bastard: “I think it’d be better if good riddance closed the album, after such an emotional track ‘Prosthetic Head’ feels more like an afterthought, even if it is a really great song itself. Also, I don’t see what people’s problem with the last ride in. It’s a nice interlude, it kinda feels like stepping outside to clear your head after uptight, which is a pretty heavy track.”

Moorepork: “Interesting, I quite like ‘Prosthetic Head’ as a closer. It’s a good epilogue and summary of the album. Nimrod is a pretty bitter album (‘Reject’/’Platypus’/’TakeBack’/’WalkingAlone’) and after the sweet ‘Good Riddance’, ‘Prosthetic Head’ is just one more “Fuck You”. Also side note, I like the Insomniac version of ‘Good Riddance’ more than the main one. It fits the mood better.” A Green Day member recently reacted to a heartbreaking Eddie Van Halen photo.